Institution Based Rehabilitation (IBR)

NallaSamarayanMental Health Research & Rehabilitation Programs

At We Care Centre we provide rehabilitation for persons with mental health problems. Our mental health rehabilitation centers have all the facilities for the holistic development of the persons with the assistance of multi-disciplinary team. We also have professionally trained and skilled team to provide adequate health care services from diagnosis to consistent rehabilitation. We ensure holistic, physical and psychic growth of the residents through prayer, medicine, care, comfort and vocational training.

NallaSamarayan Ashram(Mental Health Rehabilitation Care Home for women)

NallaSamarayanAhram was established on 15th August 1997 with the sole objective to providetreatment as well as rehabilitation facilities for the mentally challenged women who are either abandoned or left alone to wander around the streets. Many of such women are brought in by the police or voluntary social workers.The Ashram provides solace and comfort to all such cases cutting across all religions, caste barriers.

We provide admission to all deserving persons through a firsthand need assessment and also provide admission to all cases identified by police and general public. Till now 403 people have benefited from the Ashram and at present 109 people have been enjoying their life at Ashram. A group of committed religious nuns as well as volunteers have committed their life for the welfare of such unwanted fellow human beings. The Asharam meets its daily expenses with the support of likeminded local people through donations such as food, money and materials. NallaSamarayan Ashram plays an essential role in the mental health welfare of patients and their rehabilitation by:
  • Supporting patients and their families through institutional rehabilitation
  • Appropriate diagnosis of the patient's clinical state
  • Proper medication and drug therapy
  • Consistent individual and group therapies
  • Encouraging social interactionYoga and medication

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our rehabilitation program ensures appropriate interventions through a trained multidisciplinary team. The team provides diagnoses, medicate, counselling, individualand group therapies, and also to engage personswith vocational programs for their overall development and wellbeing.

Our team includes;
  • Doctor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Nurses
  • Psychiatric Social worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Vocational therapist

Rehabilitation Programs

At NallaSamarayanAsharam we facilitate appropriate rehabilitation according to the conditionof each client. The professionals diagnose and assess each individual for appropriate interventions. The rehabilitation program aims to inculcate natural behavior and habits for the proper functioning of the individuals. Our rehabilitation program includes;
  • Medication
  • Counselling
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Yoga and medication
  • Animal Husbandry Program
  • Horticulture Therapy
  • Pleasure trip & Outreach programs.
  • Sports and Arts
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Cultural Programs
  • Spiritual Activities

NallaSamarayan Hospital

NallaSmarayan Hospital or Ayalveedu is a registered institution established on November 6th 2009 to bring cure through care and prayer. At Ayalveedu we provide free medical consultation, medicine, counseling, palliative care, and other various programs for persons with physical and mental disabilities. We also avail free medical consultation and diagnosis on every Fridays under the leadership of Dr. Sr.Carmeli CMC and other mental health professionals.The outreach program of 'Ayalveedu' includes mobile clinic where a group of medical professionals visit the houses of people with suchillness and do the check-up and provide medicines. At present we haveonly an OP unit in Ayalveedu and more than 300 persons benefitted from here.Main services offered here are:
  • Medical Consultation
  • Counseling
  • Nursing Care
  • Medication

NallaSamarayan Research and Rehabilitation Centre

A service home was established on 31st May 2011 to extend services of NallaSamarayan to provide care and comfort to persons who suffer from mental health problems, old age and severe diseases through research and rehabilitation. The center aims to make comprehensive services in the mental health field through researches and studies to assess and evaluate the different stages of mental health growth of an individual. NallaSamrarayan Rehabilitation Programme NallaSamarayan Rehabilitation program aims to provide home services to mentally sick people who have nobody to give adequate care and support at home and those who not willing to be accommodated in the institutions. Through this program we accommodate the persons in their own home and other special places to provide medicine, food and other needed support and services.

Maria Bhavan

MariyaBhavan was established on 22nd May 2011 as an extended rehabilitation centre of NallaSmarayan Ashram at Punchayal near to Mundakayam. We envisage the home to have a vocational unit and training centre for cured people. The centre is directed by Fr Roy Mathew Vadakkel and its daily functioning is managed by the support of Sisters of Carmelites.

Programs for Physically and Mentally Challenged Children

As a young organization, within a short span of five years, it has proved its ability to coordinate various activities for effective and efficient intervention to meet the needs and rights of persons with disabilities. Our programs have seen the appropriate inclusion of persons with disability into the mainstream of society through innovative tailor made projects.

Home of Peace (care home for physically handicapped children)

Home of Peacewas instituted in 1999, May 15th. Home of Peace is a center offering a variety of programs for the overall development of physically disabled children. It provides for the holistic development of the benefactors through educational and boarding facilities. At present 23 children avail of the services of the home. From its initiation till now 128 children benefitted from the center and many of them are working in various sectors. It also conducts cultural program to bring out and develop the artistic talents and inclinations of the children. It has a physiotherapy unit. Besides, physically challenged children are provided with surgical assistance to correct their challenges and operate more fully in their day to day life. Besides, the institution provides counseling programs for both parents and children to understand better their disability and empower them to cope up with the situation. The home is run by a team of dedicated staffs; who have special experience in working with physically disabled children.

AshaHome(A Care Home for Mentally Challenged Children)

Asha Home is a boarding home for the mentally challenged children which began to function on 17th June 1979 at Kanjirapally. It accommodates 34 mentally challenged children at present. The boarding provides homely environment for the children through quality facilities and the service of trained care givers. It gives special attention to cases that belong to the economically weaker section of the society. Giving a tender touch a group of religious nuns nourish these helpless ones with love and care. Asha home remains as a lamp, dispelling darkness from the eyes of many, especially from those who are the most underprivileged. The residents at the home are guarded and nourished by the skilled team.

AshaNilayam(Special School for Mentally Challenged Children)

AshaNilayam is a special school for the mentally challenged children and it started functioning in the year 1979 at Ponkunnam. Inorder to cast away the thoughts of fear and feelings of dejection, rays of hope and love is provided to children who are mentally challenged. At AshaNilayam, all efforts are made to bring out the best of the talents and skills that are hidden in them. At present 94 inmates and 16 staff are there at AshaNilayam. Children are trained to get accustomed with the environment from the age of five. Adequate training and facilities are provided for children such as yoga, physiotherapy, dance, singing practices, band set and vocational training such as soap, candle, flower, paperbag making and other activities like vegetable & flower gardening, cooking, tailoring are also provided at the center. More than 500 children have already received such training which conferred on them the competence and employability.The institution meets its daily expenses with the Grant-in-aid from Central Govt.

Care Home for Boys and Girls

SanjoseBalabhavan(A Care Home for Boys)

San Jose Balabhavan is a boarding home for boys who come fromfinancially weaker families. It was inaugurated on 2nd August 1981 at Elamgulam. Children are admitted from the first totenthstandard. The bhavan has the capacity to accommodate 60 children at a time. Along with quality education we provide them with spiritual classes and value oriented training and personality development programs for their integrated development. We perceive to bring in them value based personality in order to make them promising citizens for the nation. We also give importance to the co-curricular development of the children through cultural activities, sports and games. We too provide counseling for both parents and children to solve the problems and improve the qualities of life. Since its initiation until now about 328 boys have passed out of SanjoseBhavan. All most all of them have equipped themselves with the potential to confront the challenges that they may encounter in future and many of them are in a prestigious profession and life. Currently there are 60 children in the center who are well cared and nourished bythe guidance and control Rev.Sisters and other trained care givers.

St. Gianna Ashram (A Care Home for boys)

Gianna Ashram wasestablished on 25th March 2009 as a home for the boys from poor families. In the ashram we provide accommodation facilities as well as education and other life guidance opportunities. This home is located at Chottupara near the picturesque landscape of Ramakalmedu. This home is especially for the abandoned and grown up boys from Bethlehem ashram. Here we provide counseling facilities for the children and have different programs for their integral development and wellbeing. At present there are 15 boys and once when the building is constructed fullywe will be able to accommodate almost 40 children at a time. The center makes sure that thechildren may enjoy a homely atmosphere through the care and comfort of the trained care givers.

MarThomaBalikaBhavan(A Care Home for Girls)

Mar ThomaBalikabhavan is a home for girls from poor family background, broken families and destitute children. This is the oldest home for children, which was started in 1980 at Palampra, Kanjirapally. The bhavan can accommodate more than 40 girls, who are cared by Rev. Sisters and trained care givers. S pecial attention is given for their intellectual, spiritual and psychological growth through special training programs and counseling sessions.The students also benefit standard education facilities from acknowledged institutions in the locality.Besides, the home also facilitates opportunities for co-curricular activities such as sports, learning musical instruments, dance and so on. Until now more than 250 children passed through the home and gone for higher studies. Many of them are at present working as teachers and nurses in various places.

Home for unwed and abandoned mothers and children

Bethlehem Ashram(A Care Home for Women and Children)

Started on 10th February 1998, Bethlehem Ashram is a home for the unwed mothers with their children and other abandoned children. The centre is located at Vandanpathal, near Mundakayam. Hailing from various life situations such as, poor family background, death of husband, illicit relationships, threats, misused by people, forced to prostitution, persecution by the family, AIDS etc. the children and women are rehabilitated in this center. Formal education is given to the children to empower them to mend their lives by themselves.

Presently there are 64 inmates – 22 women and 48 children. Out of this twenty seven children are below the age of twelve.The center had admitted more than 1200 inmates over the past 12 years and has successfully rehabilitated most of them. They are continued to be monitored and supported till they get integrated into the society successfully.The center has been an instrument in saving the life of hundreds of such people who otherwise would have committed suicide. The center also promotes life by giving awareness and dissuading people from doing abortions.

The daily needs of the Ashram are met partially from the generous contributions of the pious associations of neighboring places as well as individuals. Still, the center is forced to depend on other benefactors from far and near owing to the shortage of funds. Along with the director there are three religious sisters who are in charge of the day-to-day activities of the Ashram.

Facilities Provided at the Ashram

Unwed mothers are received in the center even during their pregnancy and provided with shelter, food, clothing and necessary medical assistance. So, they can have a safe and peaceful delivery at the centre. Over and above the material support, the centre also provides them with emotional, psychological and spiritual support to sustain and guide them to return the normal stream of life.

The children born at the Ashram are cared for and provided with postnatal care, food, education, clothing etc. Facilities for recreation, cultural programs, and interaction with children from the surrounding families, picnics, prayer and pious practices are also conducted in the centre.

Various Empowerment Programs
  • Counseling
  • Vocational training
  • Skill training

SEARCH (Special Education and Rehabilitation Care Homes)

We have 61 IBR centers which come under the flagship of 'SEARCH'. Of them, 13 institutions are directly under the directorship of 'WE CARE CENTER', besides coordinating 5 institutions and supervising 43 rehabilitation centers.We plan and implement tailor-made programs for empowering the residents of these rehabilitation centers. We conduct 'SEARCH meeting' twice a year to evaluate and plan the programs. We also observe 'Orphan's Day (Mercy-home Day)', 'International Disabled Day', 'World Sick Day', etc.

A counseling team is working under the centre and does regular counseling in every IBR. We evaluate the performance of children in our centers and select the best three performers among them for an award.

Community Based Rehabilitation

Be Able

In 2009 the society has started a program for the empowerment of persons with disability (PWDs) and their family members. The program envisages helping the persons with disability (PWDs) to enjoy the benefits of various government schemes for their benefit. Thus empowered, they can come into the mainstream of the society and also to be contributors to nation building. The project is implemented through:
  • Surveys and researches
  • Special meetings
  • Advocacy and net working
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)

STEP (Student's Training and Education Program)

The Centre is conscious of the need to offer equal opportunities to less privileged children. The program will improve their lives and ensure the welfare and security of their families, friends and the surrounding community. For this in 2008 the center has initiated this unique education project called STEP (Students Training and Education Programme) to provide students with the opportunity to attend the best universities in the country including the IIT's. We have been helping 381 students since its beginning through this programme.

Palliative Care

Palliative care often means end of life care and pain management. However, we wish to redefine this meaning and offer Hope to the ill. The program originated in the year 2011 and has been providing care and services to 150 bedridden patients and their family.
Our Palliative Care Programs are twofold:
  • Institutional Based Palliative Care
  • Home based Palliative care
The Society supervises three palliative care centers, at Nallathanny, Pazhayidam and Palapra, which offer Institutional Care. Now we are extending this project to encompass Community Based Rehabilitation. The home palliative care encompasses Training for Volunteers, Formulation of Home Care Units by regions, Case study, Regular home visit, Need assessments, Sustaining Program Planning, Implementation of the planned programme. The organization has volunteer groups in Idukki, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta District for proper implementation of the project.

Independent Projects

Housing Project

A Home is the dream of every human being. The housing project is the first project that paved way for the origin of We Care Centre in 2005. The project has begun with the contribution of cash, material and service by local people (Karmasena). It targets the habitat-less populations of Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts. The project raises funds from individual donors, local and foreign contributors for helping the deserving people. So far, we have constructed 500 houses under various schemes.


'NANMA' is a project offering medical support to poor people. The program is supporting 20 regular patients through financial help for medicine and 50 patients through free doctoral consultation and counselling on every Friday. Besides this, numerous other cases are handled. The fund is raised from well-wishers and benefactors.

AXSHYA Project

For creating awareness about TB among the people, the center is selected as partner NGO in Kottayam District as part of the recently announced "Global Fund Round 9 Axshya TB Project".It is a collective effort of RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme) and CHAI (Catholic Health Association India). This is a three year project in which trained resource persons provides awareness classes to various community people. It works to achieve the Global targets - case detection and cure rate of more than 90%.


CHILDLINE is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, operational in 104 cities. CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) has appointed 'WE CARE' as the Support Organization for CHILDLINE in Kottayam district in 2011. The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • creating awareness of the CHILDLINE service
  • propagating the toll-free number "1098" through street volunteers
  • responding to and following-up calls referred by the Collaborative Organizations.

  • Please submit the Names of Palliative care Volunteers in Kanjirapally Diocese
  • Fr. Roy Mathew Vadakkel the director of We care Centre Kanjirapally is elected as the Chairman of Orphanage control Board, Kerala State
  • Sr. Elsy CMC is our new office Secretary
  • Mercy Homes day Celebration at Pastoral centre Kanjirapally on 21st November(Saturday) 2015
  • Mercy Homes day 2015 Writing competitions at Kanjirapally and Kattappana on 31st October 2015
  • Fr Roy Mathew Vadakkel is elected as Orphanage Control Board Member of Kerala
  • Students Training And Education programme ( STEP) conduct a Three days training programme for 7 to 12th standard students on 19-21st April,2015 at Emmanuel Retreat Centre Thampalakkadu
  • On 27th of Sept.2014 we celebrated the "Mercy Homes Day" A cultural competition was arranged in the morning and a public meeting in the afternoon. Prizes were distributed by H.E.Mathew Arackal, Bishop of Kanjirapally Diocese.
  • A gathering of the beneficiaries and parents of STEP(Students Training and Educational Programme)from the high range zone is proposed to conduct on 3rd of October 2014 at Marykulam,Idukki Dist. and of the low range at Pastoral Centre,Kanjirapally on 11th October 2014.
  • Fr Roy Mathew Vadakkel is elected as AOCIK State executive body member and Kottayam District President
  • Fr Roy Mathew Vadakkel,Director WE CARE CENTRE is elected as All Kerala KCBC,Special Schools and care Homes DIRECTOR and All Kerala Special School Association Chairman
  • DISABILITY MEDICAL CAMP: Issued 401 Disability card and medical certificate
  • CRAFT,Centre for Resource Acquiring and Furnishing Talents, A beable programme was inaugurated on 15 th August 2013 PROGRAMMES under CRAFT *Tailoring Centre *Embroidery Works *Dried flower making *Papper bag making *Gardening *Special training programmes in tailoring for more details contact; 208140
  • Nallasamarayan, A Psycho social Rehabilitation centre for women celebrated its 16th year of services for the care and cure of the mentally ill women.
  • Kottayam CHILDLINE support Inaugurated Kanjirapally as Child friendly panchayath.
  • Childline School based awareness class,counselling services,Value education classes please contact childline 1098 or 04828208140
  • ASHADEEPAM (School For Hearing Impaired and Social Welfare)For more details contact:8547247108,8281438173, 9526530930
  • ASHAKIRAN a self help group for person with disabilities in Kanjirappally and Parathodu Grama Panchayath got registration
  • CAN Palliative care program supports more than 800 bedridden patients through monthly Home Care Visits.For Palliative care contact;9495444221