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An Appraisal of Nalla Samarayan Ashram

By Research team at NSA

Need for the appraisal:
The appraisal is to check its credibility as a model psychosocial rehabilitation center which follows all rules and regulations and maintain its quality in all aspects of its functioning.


Type of research: Case study Appraisal of Institution

Sample: Study of only one institution, Nalla Samarayan Ashram: A psychosocial rehabilitation centre.

The existing tool joint appraisal team visit formats prepared by  the Government of Kerala, is used for the evaluation of the psycho social centres in Kerala. The same scale is used for this study.


Out of 9 domains 3 domains scored 100 percent they are nos. 3. Experience, 4. Financial management no.8, land. Infrastructure and related facilities,

5 domains scored 80 percent and above


Rules and regulations of staff


Planning, monitoring and reporting

Rehabilitation services


3 domains got full score, another 5 domains scored above 80 percent where one domain got only 70  percent.

Experience, Financial management systems, land and infrastructure achieved full score.

Experience of the institute is really very high and worth appreciating as a model. The experiences of the mother institute, ‘we care centre’ helps the NSA to run it efficiently. The total score for 9 domains comes to 160 out 0f 180 is 88.7%. The results reveal that NSA has the credibility as a model psycho-social rehabilitation center which follows all rules and regulations and maintain its quality in all aspects of its functioning.

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ASHWAS Vocational Training Centre – Sustainable Transition into Employment of Persons with Intellectual Disability

This project is aiming at the very important inter connected three aspects of a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation program: vocational skills training leading to transition from school to successful placement and independent living of persons with intellectual disability.

Training and employing persons with intellectual disability in to – AGRICULTURAL CATEGORY and NON AGRICULTURAL CATEGORIES


Orchard Farming

Vegetable Farming – Creepers

Vegetable Farming – Non-Creepers

Leafy vegetable Farming

Root crops

Flower Garden


Medicinal / Ayurvedic Plant

Bio Fertilizer preparation

Animal farming

Poultry Farming


Paper products

Chemical Products

Jwelery Making

Artificial flowers

Garment Making



Food preparation

Toy making

Service Based

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