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Nalla Samarayan Rehabilitation Programme

This is a project for serve mentally ill who do not live in institutions. Keeping them up in their homes or where they are prescribed to live, and giving all medicines and food in the responsibility of diocese. Fr.Roy Vadakkel leads this.

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Nalla Samarayan Research and Rehabilitation Center, Kanjirappally.

This is a new step in mental health care. It is an institution affiliated to the Nalla Samarayan Ashram in the leadership of respected Fr.Roy Mathew for the Mental Patients in Kanjirappally Pulimav.

Nalla Samarayan research and rehabilitation center is started in 2010 December. It is a home for those with mental illness, with age, disease and people with more care. Carmelite sisters are leading the everyday duties.

The Nalla Samarayan research and rehabilitation center started with the goal of studying and evaluating various aspects of mental health growth.

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Nalla Samarayan Hospital, Ayalveedu

Ayalveedu (Nalla Smarayan Hospital) is a mental, physical and health care center started on 6th November 2009 in Kanjirappally Pulimav, under the leadership of Honorable Fr.Roy Mathew. It is aiming 2 things. Due to financial difficulties and other factors, find people who are unable to get treatment for the disease, gone their homes and serve them or to assist them. Secondly, to provide medical assistance for patients with mental illness related to various centers.

Free medical checkup, medication and counseling are the activities of the Ayalveedu. Mental health expert Dr.Sr.Carmeli C.M.C is leading the service here. Also, medical camps are conducted in villages every month for ensuring the medical assistance for the diagnosed people. Conducting various health care programs.

A joint account called ‘Nanma’, the money that comes to that account is providing necessary medical care for poor people.

The goal of Ayalveedu is to reach the healing through prayer, care and sharing (prayer+ care=cure). Without money, no one should lose treatment. The neighbor is for this.

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Nalla Samarayan Ashram,Kanjirapally

Nalla Samarayan Ashram is started in 15 August 1998, the parish of Pulimavu for caring mentally sick Karnataka woman Pinjelamma under the leadership of Fr.Roy Mathew Vadakkel and the help and collaboration of Carmelite sisters and natives. This ashram is helping for women who are wandering through the street and mentally retarded women who are not protective at home.

The cathedral member Vettath Kunjettan donated 24 cent land for Nalla Samarayan, and it started with the cooperation of the public and going forward everyday only by the help of good people. We have already served 390 sisters here. Those who have died and have changed into other services. There are 108 people in this house now.

Everyday packed lunch will get from houses. From starting onwards, Carmelite sisters are leading the everyday duties. Dr.Sr.Carmali, a mental health expert, has been on every Friday and has the assistance needed for sisters.

In addition to prayer, medicine and care vocational training such as cow, goat, poultry, pig, rabbit  etc and vegetable gardening and other farming practices, trainings  such as song, dance, yoga and these  everyday activities that help in the development of physical and mental spiritual growth.

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Maria Bhavan,Punchavayal

This house is under in Kanjirappally diocese for protection of women who do not have any protection. Maria Bhavan started in December 2010, in the place where Puthenpurakkel Mariyamma was given to donate in Punchavayal. The daily activities of the Maria Bhavan are conducted under the leadership of Carmelite Sisters.The residents can find their inner peace in the chapel, because prayers help the patient to stay calm and peaceful.  Regardless of the caste or religion, anyone can come to the chapel and pray.

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Bethlehem Ashram,Vandanpathal

The Bethlehem Ashram started in 18 February 1998 with the responsibility of the parish under the leadership of Fr.Abraham Mannampalakkal, vicar of St. Paul’s Church, for women and children who are not protected. The members of the community of sacred heart are leading the activities here. The kanjirappally diocese took over ashram on September 8, 2001 and appointed Rev.Fr.Roy Mathew Vadakkel as its director. About 1250 members are gone from here. Now 65 members are in this ashram. Many women, pregnant ladies and children ranging from 8 months to 15 years are staying here. 47 children are studying in Nursery, LP, UP and High School classes. 5 children are under 3 years of age. Sr.Annice, Sr.Rejeena Mathews, Sr.Tressa Jose are do the daily activities here. Bethlehem Ashram is going to relief and comfort for mothers and children who can be rejected, injured and abandoned.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (Ps.127/3). We have the obligation to love and respect the life God gives us; this idea is to encourage the diocese to lead this institution.

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Home of Peace,Kanjrappally

Home of Peace is an institution that started on May 15, 1991 in Kanjirappally diocese for rehabilitation of physical disabilities. The sisters of destitute are leading the activities here. The objective of this institution is to plan and implement rehabilitation of boys up to the seventh and for girls up to the twelth grade from economically weaker families. The goal is to teach boys up to 12 in future. It is a reality that children with disabilities suffer very much. However, it has been organized to provide them with essentially training programs that can be utilizing their natural scents and skills.

Physical defects can be solved through physiotherapy and surgery. Apart from academic excellence, artistic aspirations will gives to provide opportunities.

There are 14 boys and 7 girls here. 128 children learned from here. Most of them come to work in teaching, business, bank and medical areas. Many of them are married and have family life. Along with physical disability, children with mental illness and blindness are sent to the Kalaketty blind school and Asha Nilayam in ponkunnam. The school authorities and management are very careful about all matters in children.

The institution celebrates all seasonal holidays and organizes cultural programs these days. The main festivals are Christmas, New Year, Easter, Onam and other celebrations. This helps the residents to recognize that they are accepted in society.Every year tours and excursions are planned.

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St.Gianna, Chottupara

“I have called you by name. You are mine” Isaiah(43:1). Every child is born to this world is a gift from god. St.Gianna is a self evident person to show what man has to pay. This sacred house wife, who loved the life of lord, started an ashram at Chottupara near Ramakkalmedu on May 16, 2007 in Kanjirappally diocese. St. Gianna ashram was founded Fr.Roy Mathew Vadakkel  dedicated to boys, pregnant women,mothers,children and unmarried couples on 2009 march 25. This house is also a continuation of the Bethlehem Ashram in Mundakkalayam for Mothers and Children in Vandampathal.

The Sisters of the Society  ‘Little Sisters of Christ’ provides Leaders for the daily sunniness of this ashram. The purpose of the St.Gianna ashram is to make children who come to this imagination to see the gift of  God’s glory and enable them to uplift the value of life in society.

In this small house there are now 15 children. The work after completing new building will accommodate 40 children. Natives of  this ashram fulfills the daily needs  as well.

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