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Programs for Physically and Mentally Challenged Children

Home of Peace (Care Home for Physically Handicapped Children)

Home of Peacewas instituted in 1999, May 15th. Home of Peace is a center offering a variety of programs for the overall development of physically disabled children. It provides for the holistic development of the benefactors through educational and boarding facilities. At present 23 children avail of the services of the home. From its initiation till now 128 children benefitted from the center and many of them are working in various sectors. It also conducts cultural program to bring out and develop the artistic talents and inclinations of the children. It has a physiotherapy unit. Besides, physically challenged children are provided with surgical assistance to correct their challenges and operate more fully in their day to day life. Besides, the institution provides counseling programs for both parents and children to understand better their disability and empower them to cope up with the situation. The home is run by a team of dedicated staffs; who have special experience in working with physically disabled children.

Asha Home(A Care Home for Mentally Challenged Children)

Asha Home is a boarding home for the mentally challenged children which began to function on 17th June 1979 at Kanjirapally. It accommodates 34 mentally challenged children at present. The boarding provides homely environment for the children through quality facilities and the service of trained care givers. It gives special attention to cases that belong to the economically weaker section of the society. Giving a tender touch a group of religious nuns nourish these helpless ones with love and care. Asha home remains as a lamp, dispelling darkness from the eyes of many, especially from those who are the most underprivileged. The residents at the home are guarded and nourished by the skilled team.

Asha Nilayam(Special School for Mentally Challenged Children)

Asha Nilayam is a special school for the mentally challenged children and it started its functioning at Ponkunnam in the year 1986. Before that, from its very beginning it was worked in rented premises. The diocese undertake it with the interest taken by Mar Joseph Powathil, Bishop of Kanjirapally at that time. Now it was managed by Mar Mathew Arakkal, the present Bishop of Kanjirapally.

From its initial stage, the Diocese has relentlessly worked for the cause of the weaker sections of society, especially the mentally and physically challenged children. The school was started with only a few classrooms with 11 students in the first batch. Later the strength of the students has grown up. Now there are 190 students and 40 staffs at present and more and more parents are seeking admission to the school. Out of these, 50 children are staying in the boarding home called Asha Home situated at Kanjirapally because of the economic challenges faced by their families.

The school offers mental, physical, and psychological help to the mentally challenged children for their overall development and well-being. The school offers various activities such as Yoga, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy , Counseling, Vocational Training, Sports and Games, cultural competitions, Study Tour, Band Set and Celebrations . The school also conducted Parents Seminar & Staff Meetings to make them aware of the condition of Children. The staffs who get Special training to take care of them gives assistance and training to the children. The training helps the children to recognize themselves physically, mentally and psychologically.

Yoga is an essential part in the training programme. It gives mental, physical and psychological relaxation to the children. It includes meditation, physical exercises, prayer etc. for improving the concentration of children.

Speech Therapy helps the students to improve their speech and language development and are absolutely central to the cognitive development of all children. Any child with mental retardation will experience a significant delay in acquiring language and will be delayed in the ability to use these cognitive processes. Although delayed speech therapy helps the students to use spoken language as their main means of communication.

Physiotherapy helps the students to be physically fit and improve their physical inactivity. Physio therapy is very vital to the children who are mentally retarded. A child who is active feels better and can improve their health, physical function, self-esteem and behavior.

Vocational Training is given to children to make them active and self sufficient in society. Training is given to children after they will accustomed with the environment. It makes them active and self sufficient in society. They are trained to make candles, soap manufacture, envelope making, paper works, plastic works, table mat making, Cleaning lotion making. Girl students are taught domestic works such as tailoring and domestic works too. Training is given to children according to their wishes and insisted the children to do anything.

ASHADEEPAM Institute for Hearing Impaired and Social Welfare (IHIS)

IHIS is a training centre for speech and hearing impaired children. The centre was started in 2005 and is owned by the diocese of Kanjirapally. The centre provides speech and hearing training to the needy with the help of audiologist, speech therapist and trained teachers. The centre also conducts medical camps and extends due support to the needy and the poor. Since its inspection until now more than 100 children availed the services of the centre and at present 40 children are going through special trainings. (Training Session at ASHADEEPAM )

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Home for Unwed and Abandoned Mothers and Children

Bethlehem Ashram(A Care Home for Women and Children)

Started on 10th February 1998, Bethlehem Ashram is a home for the unwed mothers with their children and other abandoned children. The centre is located at Vandanpathal, near Mundakayam. Hailing from various life situations such as, poor family background, death of husband, illicit relationships, threats, misused by people, forced to prostitution, persecution by the family, AIDS etc. the children and women are rehabilitated in this center. Formal education is given to the children to empower them to mend their lives by themselves.

Presently there are 64 inmates – 22 women and 48 children. Out of this twenty seven children are below the age of twelve.The center had admitted more than 1200 inmates over the past 12 years and has successfully rehabilitated most of them. They are continued to be monitored and supported till they get integrated into the society successfully.The center has been an instrument in saving the life of hundreds of such people who otherwise would have committed suicide. The center also promotes life by giving awareness and dissuading people from doing abortions.

The daily needs of the Ashram are met partially from the generous contributions of the pious associations of neighboring places as well as individuals. Still, the center is forced to depend on other benefactors from far and near owing to the shortage of funds. Along with the director there are three religious sisters who are in charge of the day-to-day activities of the Ashram.

Facilities Provided at the Ashram 

Unwed mothers are received in the center even during their pregnancy and provided with shelter, food, clothing and necessary medical assistance. So, they can have a safe and peaceful delivery at the centre. Over and above the material support, the centre also provides them with emotional, psychological and spiritual support to sustain and guide them to return the normal stream of life.

The children born at the Ashram are cared for and provided with postnatal care, food, education, clothing etc. Facilities for recreation, cultural programs, and interaction with children from the surrounding families, picnics, prayer and pious practices are also conducted in the centre.

Various Empowerment Programs

  • Counseling
  • Vocational training
  • Skill training

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