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ASHWAS Vocational Training Centre – Sustainable Transition into Employment of Persons with Intellectual Disability

This project is aiming at the very important inter connected three aspects of a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation program: vocational skills training leading to transition from school to successful placement and independent living of persons with intellectual disability.

Training and employing persons with intellectual disability in the following categories


Orchard Farming

Vegetable Farming – Creepers

Vegetable Farming – Non-Creepers

Leafy vegetable Farming

Root crops

Flower Garden


Medicinal / Ayurvedic Plant

Bio Fertilizer preparation

Animal farming

Poultry Farming


Paper products

Chemical Products

Jwelery Making

Artificial flowers

Garment Making



Food preparation

Toy making

Service Based

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St.Gianna, Chottupara

“I have called you by name. You are mine” Isaiah(43:1). Every child is born to this world is a gift from god. St.Gianna is a self evident person to show what man has to pay. This sacred house wife, who loved the life of lord, started an ashram at Chottupara near Ramakkalmedu on May 16, 2007 in Kanjirappally diocese. St. Gianna ashram was founded Fr.Roy Mathew Vadakkel  dedicated to boys, pregnant women,mothers,children and unmarried couples on 2009 march 25. This house is also a continuation of the Bethlehem Ashram in Mundakkalayam for Mothers and Children in Vandampathal.

The Sisters of the Society  ‘Little Sisters of Christ’ provides Leaders for the daily sunniness of this ashram. The purpose of the St.Gianna ashram is to make children who come to this imagination to see the gift of  God’s glory and enable them to uplift the value of life in society.

In this small house there are now 15 children. The work after completing new building will accommodate 40 children. Natives of  this ashram fulfills the daily needs  as well.

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Asha Home,Kanjirappally

Asha Home is an institution focused on self-sufficiency in the children who are intellectually disabled. The community of sacred heart who are responsible for the daily needs of this house under in Kanjirappally diocese. This house is also the boarding for the special school Asha Nilayam.

This house is started with nine children on July 18, 1983, in the building of Kuttiveli in Chirakkadavu Njallamattom.Later in 1985, this house is moved to the rented house of Sri.Ittiyavira in Njavalli. In September 8, 1986, the diocese of Kanjirappally constructed its own building and changed Asha home in that place.

250 children from various districts have been trained and sent to their homes and other schools. In this small house there are now 36 children. Students from 5 to 30 years will be trained here.

Onam, Christmas and Home day are celebrating every year for children’s mental pleasure and entertainment.

The director of this institution Fr.Roy Mathew Vadakkel and the presence of four sisters and two girls who serve generosity help them in their daily routine and they overcome their mind by staying away from their home and maintain family relationships.

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Asha Nilayam(Special School), Ponkunnam

Asha Nilayam is a Saraswathi temple which is anxious to look forward to helping the inferior and deprived children who are excluded from the community on account of mental retardation. This training center was started on 17th June 1979 at Kanjirapally Rotary Club. The Rotary Club members think about Asha Nilayam with Rev. Fr.  Joseph Pavvathil and hand over to the diocese of Kanjirapally on March 19, 1981. The community of sacred heart who are leading  the daily activities of Asha Nilayam. On September 13, 1982, the work was further expanded and moved Asha Nilayam to the building of Karippaparambil Sri Joseph Kunju. Then the new building was constructed at the place where the Ponkunnam church was offered free for Asha Nilayam and started functioning there on 1986 may 23. Fr.Joseph Nagaroor  took the initiative  responsibly to provide land in ponkunnam.

The ultimate goal of this ashram is to develop the mentally disabled persons is a part of society , develop the ability to live basic necessities of life without the help of others, enable them to understand, accept feelings and emotions to reach emotional maturity and bring them to the mainstream of society.

For this purpose the objective is to train in music, dance, yoga, sports, cooking, labor, agriculture and sewing and also provides counseling  for mental development. 17 staff helps to train them.

Asha Nilayam focused to train in self employment  because of menteally disabled persons  less likely to get employment. These children are excellent in making cover, candles, soap, paper bag and dolls. “Asha Band Set” is the big asset in the history of Asha Nilayam in 2002.

The Asha Nilayam is moving forward with  hope for hopeless thoughts and as a learning school of love for the suggestion of the current director of Fr.Roy Mathew Vadkkel and the leadership of  principal Sr.Anila S.H.

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