Asha Nikethan is a long term care facility for children to be cared for in special situation wherein their parents are no more or the parents are sick or the abandoned. It is a big anxiety for the parent thinking of who will care for their differently abled children after their death. Asha Nikethan is a solution to this problem situation. Hence, we propose to set up an institution with a very homely atmosphere to accommodate about 50 people. The residents will have the benefit of all the facilities of the Special School, therapies, vocational training activities etc.

We propose to provide all necessary facilities for stay along with sufficient caregivers and other support staff along with medical care.

Need of the Project

Many children from far off places in Kerala State are studying in Asha Nilayam Special School. Moreover, even in the peripheral areas, the children often have to travel long hours to get to school from their homes. This is adversely affecting the children’s mental and physical health, affecting their capability to undergo the training properly, Hence, the need to provide adequate boarding facilities to accommodate about 60 boy students. The boarding will have a floor area of 15,000 sq ft and will be user friendly for all ages and categories of children.