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Nalla Samarayan Hospital, Ayalveedu

Ayalveedu (Nalla Smarayan Hospital) is a mental, physical and health care center started on 6th November 2009 in Kanjirappally Pulimav, under the leadership of Honorable Fr.Roy Mathew. It is aiming 2 things. Due to financial difficulties and other factors, find people who are unable to get treatment for the disease, gone their homes and serve them or to assist them. Secondly, to provide medical assistance for patients with mental illness related to various centers.

Free medical checkup, medication and counseling are the activities of the Ayalveedu. Mental health expert Dr.Sr.Carmeli C.M.C is leading the service here. Also, medical camps are conducted in villages every month for ensuring the medical assistance for the diagnosed people. Conducting various health care programs.

A joint account called ‘Nanma’, the money that comes to that account is providing necessary medical care for poor people.

The goal of Ayalveedu is to reach the healing through prayer, care and sharing (prayer+ care=cure). Without money, no one should lose treatment. The neighbor is for this.